Desomon Roadmap

deso balls


Why Deso Balls?

Catching a Desomon can be tricky at times, but Deso Balls can help!

     Types of Deso Balls

    75 x Deso Ball
    50 x Speed Ball
    25 x Supreme Ball
    10 x Octane Ball  
    2 x 1/1 Balls (TBC)
    1 x Diamond Ball

             How to play Deso Balls?

• These can be played once to catch a Desomon and will be valid on our current and future collection of Evolved Desomon (Phase 4).
• If played, the Deso Ball will be transferred to us and burnt.
• The rarer the Deso Ball, the higher ranking it will have. If a 'Speed Ball' is played it can be trumped by an 'Supreme Ball',
"Octane Ball" and of course 'Diamond Ball'. We will be releasing 2 x 1/1 balls which will sit between Octane and Diamond in the rankings.
• The first account to comment on the Desomon with the name of their Deso Ball i.e. 'Deso Ball', 'Speed Ball' etc. will win - unless a higher
ranked Deso Ball is played. We will allow 5 mins to pass from drop to give everyone time to play their Deso Ball, if they so wish.
• Once we state the winner, they will have 2 minutes to transfer their Deso Ball to us (we will then burn it). In return they
will have their minimum bid accepted. If they fail to transfer it, the next played and highest ranked Deso Ball will win.
• If no Deso Balls are played it will remain as first bid.

Royalty Info     

To reward our amazing community we will be handing over part of the project by offering royalties on our evolved collection.
To be eligible for this you must hold an original Desomon at a given date/time (yet to be announced).
The royalty will be based on the rarity of the original Desomon owned and given to the account holding it at the time the snapshot takes place.

Royalty percentages will be as follows:

Legendary - 5%
Epic - 4%
Very Rare - 3%
Rare - 2%
Uncommon - 1.5%
Common - 1%