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An NFT collection of Decentralized social monsters
available only on the DeSo blockchain.

Become a Desomon trainer today!

WHAT ARE Desomon?

Desomon are 'Decentralized Social Monsters'.
The DeSo blockchain is their battlefield!

Our first collection consists of 500 Desomon. Check our roadmap for more information.

Easy to 👀, but hard to catch.

Having trouble catching a Desomon?
Use one of our Deso Balls to help - details available on our roadmap page.

Buy Desomon NFT's and coins on diamondapp.com

What is Diamondapp?

Diamond is a decentralized social network node located on the DeSo blockchain.

It is community-based, much like Twitter. Users follow each other, post short messages, like, repost, and reward with diamonds 💎💎💎

Join Diamond today and be part of an incredible community. DeSo is already the most exciting cryptocurrency project online!  

We're certain you'll love it.

check our collection on NFTZ.ZONE

Not only can you view our collection, but you can also see the the last price, current price and current owners.

our team

our team